Achieving Nerd-vana – Part II

In my last post I wrote drawing an analogy between learning to implement technology in teaching & learning, and the fundamentals of Buddhism. I'm following up today by applying the same philosophy outside of your own development, and dealing with the unexpected. What about everybody else? What about when conditions change, tools disappear or new [...]

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Attachment: Turkey.doc

Happy New Year! As the first post of the year, I'm going to capitalise on two things. The first is how fresh our memories of Christmas lunch or dinner are, and the second is the openness to forming resolutions characteristic of January. But first, let's talk turkey. My in-laws traditionally celebrate on Christmas Eve, and [...]

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PD Jumpstart: Following Overseas Events

[VIDEO: James Surowiecki discusses the notion of trusting eyewitnesses via social media, crosschecked by the topic they're posting under.  Not essential viewing, but a great primer.  Here he is talking about the Wisdom of Crowds at #21clhk] The more I connect with lively, innovative educators outside of my hometown the more I find my feet getting [...]

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Global Education & Real Data

There's plenty of buzz around about data, visualisation, and how we can best make use of it in the classroom.  David McCandless demonstrates it better than most in his TED Talk "The Beauty of Data Visualisation." That's all well and good, but that data's not always the easiest thing to get hold of in a [...]

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Achieving Nerd-vana – Part I

This year I've been working with a lot of people just making their first steps into using technology for learning.  For some of these people who aren't regular, comfortable users, it's a leviathan undertaking.  For most of them it's involved a new operating system that's more than ten years younger than the last one they [...]

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