Better Late than Never!


I’m a little late to the blogging thing.  I did get stuck right into it a few years ago, but in retrospect it came across a bit forced and awkward.  I think I originally failed to do the thing I always tell other people to do when it comes to interacting online.

Watch first, then engage.

This time, I’m a bit comfier.  I’ve got my own flavour on things (taking an approach of “this site reflects my life, and my job is not my life”), I’m really happy with my blogging platform (the free ones never really tickled me much), and I’ve got a clearer idea of my voice online.  I’ve also got a little bit of a community to share ideas with, which means a starting point for a readership.

The other bonus is that I’ve got years of ideas, topics, and rants stored up.

Strap yourselves in, kids!!!

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