Five Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet


Back to school next week.  Here’s a nice little piece of reading to infuse into your thoughts to begin the new semester.

When I was at high  school, the standard line trotted out to us at parent information evenings and during career education was that a significant percentage of us would find themselves employed in jobs that didn’t exist yet.  Given the nature of the work I do now, I think they were pretty much right.  Still, it would have been nice back in the day to have at least a few speculative ideas thrown at us about what the nature of some of those jobs might be.

Yesterday, I found this.  Five Hot Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet.  It’s an entertaining, fresh look at the changing employment landscape facing our students a few years down the track, approached from the angles of economy, culture, demographics, technology, and social psychology.

What do you think?  What other employment prospects might face our students?  Landfill mining?  Social Media Reputation Manager?  Robot Herd Wrangler?

Happy 3rd Term!

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