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3105, 2011

Professional Learning Series: Culture & Ethos

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  When we take our class on an excursion, we have the whole damn thing mapped out meticulously in our heads, our clipboards, our inboxes, on our phones/tablets, and in the heads of our co-workers [...]

2505, 2011

Professional Learning Series – An Introduction

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  I won't lie, I got into education in the first place as a fairly academic exercise. I'd just finished my undergraduate degree in developmental psychology at my fairly straight-laced, empirical university, was still getting [...]

1605, 2011

Lo, and The Lord spake, saying “You’re really making too much of this.”

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Let me preface this post by getting one thing blazingly clear. I do not believe in God, an afterlife, or any other form of divine figure, mysterious creator, post-mortem reward or consequence.  Hell, I don't [...]