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VIDEO: “Where Data Meets Design”

Some colleagues of mine in Singapore linked me to this video about the value of visualising data.  Giving your numbers some visual form and aesthetic sense helps bring your message to life for those of us not blessed with a naturally quantitative brain. The notion of incorporating elements of design also raises some interesting ideas [...]

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A Technical Examination of SOPA and Protect IP. – Repost from reddit.com

  In the name of protecting intellectual property the right way (by courteous attribution & observation of digital etiquette, not censorship), I'm going to acknowledge upfront that this is just a copy & paste from reddit - I'm getting in ahead of their blackout (joined by Wikipedia, Imgur, Wordpress, Minecraft, and a swag of others) [...]

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Taking Stock: 12 Months in Paris – the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  Facebook's "On This Day in 2010" box has been really interesting to watch over the last week or so as it's counted down my last few days living in Perth leading up to moving to Paris, and the beginning of my time on the ground here.  It'll be even more interesting to watch over [...]

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Reading List Roundup – July 2011

    I've recently started (again, a little late to the party) using some social bookmarking (Find me on Diigo!) so in the interest of making sure I read everything I bookmark and process it a little bit deeper than I would ordinary bedtime read, I'm going to start doing this monthly - a review [...]

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