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Does Tech ACTUALLY Help In Primary Schools?

New year, new headline. Well... old headline with a new yarn. This time it's a story from the ABC, talking about the divisive contentiousness of BYOD programs in Victorian primary schools. Technical struggles, amplified inequity, varying interpretations and expectations of what BYOD actually is, parents questioning why they need to purchase expensive devices, and general [...]

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Admiring the Problem: Talking to two different sides of an educator.

We've been developing a program called Future Learning at work in some form over the last 3 years, and in its current incarnation for the last six months or so.  It's grown from a series of interesting workshops on disruption and innovation for school leaders to a full-blown planning process aimed at helping schools pull the emergency [...]

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On self-righteous panic about “screen time.”

I saw an article shared on social media recently that got my back up.  You know the kind.  Technology-blaming, pretending it's ok to keep it at arm's length & to have no active hand in shaping how kids come to interact with it.  Also loving to complain about the way kids use it unguided.  Attitudes [...]

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So you’re about to teach 1:1?

Kicking off with a 1:1 class this year? Love the idea of 1:1 and want to build up to it? Realising that 1:1 is coming (or arguably, already here whether it's official or not) so it's probably time to get savvy with it? Not quite sure what to do or what you need? Here's a starting [...]

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